S5 Ep 9 Avantika Vandanapu: Hollywood star on loving saris

Episode 9 October 26, 2023 00:58:07
S5 Ep 9 Avantika Vandanapu: Hollywood star on loving saris
Masala Podcast: The South Asian feminist podcast
S5 Ep 9 Avantika Vandanapu: Hollywood star on loving saris

Oct 26 2023 | 00:58:07


Show Notes

At just 18, Avantika is already a force as a well-known Hollywood actor and producer. She was the first ever Indian American lead in the Disney Channel Original Movies 'Spin'. She was named in Variety’s Young Hollywood 'Up Next' list in 2021. Avantika plays a lead role in the Sony Screen Gems feature 'Horoscope'. Avantika also starred opposite Rebel Wilson in a #1 movie on Netflix, Senior Year. She is also starring as 'Karen' in the Paramount feature 'Mean Girls Musical', for executive producers Tina Fey and Lorne Michaels.

She is also currently developing a TV series adaptation of the New York Times bestselling novel A Crown of Wishes, which she will star in and executive produce, for Disney+.

Avantika is the future, and that future is diverse, talented, and young. Watch this space; you won’t want to miss what comes next.

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