Masala Podcast - Episode 2 - Queer & South Asian

October 14, 2019 00:37:39
Masala Podcast - Episode 2 - Queer & South Asian
Masala Podcast: The South Asian feminist podcast
Masala Podcast - Episode 2 - Queer & South Asian

Oct 14 2019 | 00:37:39


Show Notes

This theme of this episode of Masala Podcast is ‘Queer and South Asian’.

I speak to three incredible people who identify as queer and South Asian. My guests are open and authentic in discussing their early lives and how they discovered their sexuality. We talk about how heteronormative and patriarchal ideologies in South Asian culture make it almost impossible for some womnx to consider an alternative. We also discuss how our culture affects our sexuality. And the fact that while we might have rejected our culture early in our lives, we’ve found our own way of picking and choosing the bits that we like from our culture.

I also talk about my own experiences, growing up in a traditional Indian family, discovering and learning to love my own body, and my sexuality. Masala Podcast is a show for South Asian women, where we talk about all those things that we’re NOT supposed to talk about in our culture. Sex, sexuality, periods, menopause, mental health, shame, sexual harassment and many more taboos.

My guests on this episode: Famida Islam Queer Bengali & Muslim activisit. Co-host of London’s first queer Bengali night @odbhutqueerbangle Insta: @mercury_dun

Aroob Sajjad A storyteller gravitating towards raw, authentic expression through performance, photography and penmanship. Insta: @aroob95  Website:

Komal Amin Actor from London. Insta: @komalamee Website:  

Producer: Hana Walker-Brown Multi-Award-Winning Documentary Maker + Composer Executive Producer at Amazon Audible  

Music Credit: Sunny Robertson @sunnyrobertsonmusic  

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